Archiving Policy

Archiving Policy

The Journal of Philosophical Criticism (JPC) is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of its published content. This policy outlines the procedures for archiving JPC articles and ensures their availability for future generations of scholars and readers.

Open Access and Archiving:

  • JPC is an open access journal, meaning all articles are freely available online without subscription fees. This promotes wider dissemination and maximizes the impact of published research.
  • JPC articles are archived in multiple digital repositories to ensure redundancy and accessibility in case of unforeseen circumstances. These repositories include:
    • Open Science Framework (OSF): The primary platform for JPC articles, ensuring long-term preservation and access.
    • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals): Increases discoverability and indexing for JPC articles.
    • Journal website: Articles are readily accessible through the JPC website for convenient reference.

Archiving Formats:

  • JPC articles are archived in both PDF and HTML formats to cater to different reading preferences and ensure compatibility with future software and browsers.
  • Metadata (such as author information, keywords, and abstracts) is included with each article to facilitate search and retrieval.

Author Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Authors retain copyright of their published articles under a CC BY license. This allows for non-commercial reuse of articles with proper attribution.
  • Authors are encouraged to self-archive their articles in institutional repositories or personal websites, further promoting accessibility and dissemination.

Long-Term Preservation:

  • JPC actively monitors the longevity and accessibility of its archived content.
  • Regular backups are performed to ensure data integrity and prevent loss.
  • JPC will migrate articles to new formats and platforms as necessary to maintain accessibility over time.