The Intersection of Neuroscience and Free Will: Implications for Moral Responsibility


  • Prof. Bilal Siddiqui Lahore School of Advanced Philosophy Author


Neuroscience, Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Decision-making, Neurophilosophy, Determinism, Agency, Culpability, Ethical Implications, Cognitive Neuroscience


This scholarly article delves into the intricate relationship between neuroscience and the concept of free will, exploring the profound implications this intersection holds for our understanding of moral responsibility. As advancements in neuroscience provide deeper insights into the neural mechanisms underlying decision-making, the age-old philosophical debate surrounding free will gains a new dimension. The article critically examines the implications of neuroscientific findings on our traditional notions of moral agency and culpability, challenging us to reconsider the foundations of moral responsibility in light of our evolving understanding of the human brain.