The Role of Technology in Mitigating Environmental Pollution: Towards a Cleaner Future


  • Prof. Priya Das Institute of Comparative Philosophy, New Delhi, India Author


Environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution, waste management, renewable energy, clean technologies, green transportation, sustainability, climate change, environmental policy, international cooperation, public awareness


Environmental pollution threatens the very fabric of our planet, posing significant risks to human health and ecosystem integrity. While societal and behavioral changes are crucial, technological advancements offer promising solutions to mitigate pollution and transition towards a more sustainable future. This article explores the potential of various technologies in addressing different types of environmental pollution, analyzing their strengths and limitations. We delve into renewable energy sources, clean air and water technologies, waste management innovations, and green transportation solutions, demonstrating how technology can be a powerful tool in combating environmental degradation. Finally, we call for a holistic approach that combines technological advancements with robust policies, international cooperation, and public awareness to safeguard our planet for generations to come.