Bridging the Chasm: The Economics of Healthcare Innovation and Access


  • Prof. Juan Martinez Institute of Ethics and Philosophy, University of Madrid, Spain Author


Healthcare innovation, pharmaceutical economics, medical technology, , access to healthcare, affordability, cost-effectiveness analysis, intellectual property, value-based pricing, reference pricing, universal healthcare, health equity


In the pursuit of health and well-being, healthcare innovation shines as a beacon of hope, promising treatments for once-unconquerable ailments and improved quality of life. However, the chasm between the brilliance of innovation and the reality of patient access poses a complex economic challenge. This article delves into the intricate relationships between healthcare innovation, economic forces, and equitable access, analyzing the factors that drive innovation, the barriers to widespread adoption, and the potential policy remedies to bridge the chasm. By navigating the labyrinth of costs, incentives, and ethical considerations, we can chart a course towards a healthcare system where innovation flourishes for the benefit of all, not just the privileged few.