Information For Librarians

The Journal of Philosophical Criticism (JPC) is a premier academic journal dedicated to rigorous and critical engagement with the core questions and problems of philosophy. Published since [Year], JPC offers a unique platform for scholars and interested readers alike to delve into the depths of philosophical inquiry.

Why JPC belongs in your library:

  • Intellectual Rigor: JPC publishes only the most insightful and well-researched articles, ensuring a high standard of academic excellence. Your patrons will find articles that challenge and stimulate their thinking, sparking lively discussions and debates.
  • Broad Scope: JPC covers a wide range of philosophical topics, from metaphysics and epistemology to ethics and political philosophy. This breadth ensures that your collection caters to diverse interests and research needs within the field of philosophy.
  • Interdisciplinary Dialogue: JPC welcomes contributions from scholars across various disciplines, fostering a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. This makes JPC a valuable resource for students and researchers working at the intersection of philosophy and other fields.
  • Accessibility: JPC prioritizes clarity and engagement, making its articles accessible to both professional philosophers and a wider audience interested in philosophical inquiry. This broad appeal makes JPC a valuable resource for your entire library community.

Features that benefit your patrons:

  • Peer-reviewed articles: JPC's rigorous peer-review process ensures the quality and originality of its published content.
  • Book reviews: Stay informed about the latest philosophical scholarship with in-depth reviews of recent publications.
  • Discussion pieces: Encourage critical thinking and debate with short articles presenting novel perspectives on current philosophical issues.
  • Open access options: JPC offers open access options for some articles, expanding access to research for a wider audience.

Beyond the journal:

  • Website: JPC's website provides additional resources, including author guidelines, past issues, and editorial blog posts.
  • Social media: Follow JPC on social media for updates, news, and engaging discussions about philosophical topics.