The Impact of Globalization on National Political Landscapes: A Complex Interplay of Integration and Fragmentation


  • Dr. Alessia Rossi Department of Philosophy, University of Milan, Italy Author


Globalization, national politics, economic integration, social cleavages, global governance, populism, anti-globalization


This article examines the multifaceted impact of globalization on national political landscapes. It argues that globalization, characterized by increasing interconnectedness in trade, finance, and information flows, has exerted profound and complex influences on domestic political structures, policy priorities, and societal cleavages. While fostering economic interconnectedness and global governance, globalization has also fueled anxieties about cultural homogenization, economic insecurity, and national sovereignty, leading to the rise of anti-globalization movements and nationalist populism. The article highlights the need for a nuanced understanding of these dynamic and often contradictory forces, emphasizing the interplay between integration and fragmentation that shapes contemporary political landscapes.