Withdrawal Policy

The Journal of Philosophical Criticism (JPC) is committed to publishing high-quality and rigorous research in philosophy. We understand that circumstances may arise where authors need to withdraw a manuscript during the submission or review process. This policy outlines the procedures and conditions for withdrawing a manuscript from JPC.

1. Pre-Review Withdrawal:

Authors are free to withdraw their manuscript at any time before the review process begins. To withdraw a manuscript before it enters peer review, authors should notify the JPC editorial office with the title of the manuscript and request its withdrawal. No further action is required, and no fees will be incurred.

2. Withdrawal During Review:

  • Authors can withdraw their manuscript during the review process by notifying the JPC editorial office.
  • If reviewers have already been assigned, there may be a processing fee to cover administrative costs incurred during the initial stages of the review process.
  • Once reviews are received, withdrawal is only possible with the editor's consent. Reasons for withdrawal at this stage should be clearly explained to the editor.
  • If a manuscript is withdrawn after peer reviews have been received, but before a final decision has been made, the reviews will not be disclosed to the authors.
  • If a manuscript is withdrawn after it has been conditionally accepted for publication, but before revisions are submitted, the reviews may be shared with the authors at the editor's discretion.

3. Withdrawal After Publication:

  • Manuscripts cannot be withdrawn from JPC once they have been published online or in print.
  • However, in exceptional circumstances, such as errors in the published article or ethical concerns, the JPC editorial team may consider retraction of the article following established retraction guidelines.

4. Implications of Withdrawal:

  • Withdrawn manuscripts will not be considered for publication in JPC again for a period of one year.
  • Repeated withdrawals may affect an author's future submissions to JPC.