Ethics of Biotechnology: Balancing Innovation and Moral Responsibility


  • Professor Khalid Hameed University of the Punjab, Lahore Author


Biotechnology, Ethics, Moral Responsibility, Innovation, Bioethics, Genetic Engineering, CRISPR, Biomedical Research, Ethical Frameworks, Technological Advancements


This scholarly article delves into the complex interplay between biotechnological advancements and ethical considerations. As biotechnology continues to push the boundaries of scientific innovation, it becomes imperative to navigate the ethical landscape that accompanies these breakthroughs. This article explores the challenges and responsibilities associated with the ethical dimensions of biotechnology, aiming to strike a delicate balance between promoting innovation and upholding moral standards. Through an interdisciplinary approach, it analyzes the multifaceted ethical dilemmas arising from biotechnological developments and proposes frameworks for ethical decision-making in this dynamic field.